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"I would like to nominate my son Alexander (Lex) McGuire for the opportunity to win an adaptive bike. Lex was born with Spinabifida Myelomeningocele. He had his first surgery at two days old to place a VP shunt & spent the first three weeks of his life in the NICU. At eight years old he lost his left foot. Lex has had multiple surgeries, casting, physical & occupational therapy. Lex has learned to walk with the assistance of a RGO & walker. He does prefer his wheelchair because he can get around much faster. Through it all Lex has always been such a kind, loving, smart, strong & independent child. 

Despite his disability Lex is a very outgoing child. He received his first wheelchair at three years old & we have been chasing him around ever since. Lex is an avid sports fan & player. Lex joined the Chicago Skyhawks, a wheelchair basketball team in Chicago when he was six years old. He was the youngest player on the team but played his heart out. His first year playing, his team went on to win the 2015 Prep Division NWBA Championship. That summer Lex joined the wheelchair softball team, the Jr. Cubs. They went on to win the 2015 & 2016 Junior Wheelchair Softball World Series. 
Lex's first ever experience of any adaptive sports was riding an adaptive bike when he was 5 years old. It took a few minutes of instruction & practice but the smile on his face as he sped away is a cherished memory. Through the adaptive sports program he has had the chance to play many different adaptive sports including ice hockey, curling, softball, archery, kayaking, sailing, skiing, tennis & biking. Every chance he gets to ride a bike at an adaptive bike day he takes as many turns as possible. A few times he's been told that he was riding long enough & needed to give someone else a turn. He's always so grateful just for the chance. 

Our entire family is appreciative Lex has the opportunity to try so many things we were unaware he could. Having an adaptive bike of his own would be so great. He would have the chance to ride his bike with his sister, brothers & cousins. Lex would love to ride next to them instead of following behind in his wheelchair. I'm sure he would race them & show everyone how fast he could be. We are thankful for the chance to win this adaptive bike.

The McGuire Family
#TeamLex" Mark, Lex's Father

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