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"Blake is 14 years old. He has a diagnosis of autism and intellectual disability.  He is nonverbal. Blake is a freshman at Bolingbrook high school. He loves the outdoors and the science Museum. He currently does not ride a bike because of his low muscle tone and being almost 6ft  it’s hard to find a bike with training wheels that are adaptive to him. 

Blake has two other siblings: Brody is almost 11 and is in 5th grade. He is also autistic/intellectually disabled and nonverbal. Brynn is their 8yr old sister who also has an autism diagnosis/ADHD. She she’s in 3rd grade.

While this adaptive bike will be so great and Blake will be so excited it’s nice to know that someone so generous to donate this to him that his siblings could also use it down the line once he outgrows it or they can all share it. Such a generous gift effects our family in more than one way and we are so grateful.

Sexton Family"

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