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"Meet Lily Kohtz & her sisters! (First day of school picture) Lily is a junior at Deemack High school in Mackinaw, IL. She would love the chance to win an adaptive bike so she can keep up with her sisters. Her sisters enjoy roller blading and biking and it becomes a challenging at times to do it as a family. As Lily gains her independence into the final days of high school I know she would truly benefit from an adaptive bike and the independence it would bring her. Lily does play sled hockey and has some peers with bikes and I know she would love to cruise with them given the opportunity. What an awesome give away!! Thank you for concerning Lily as a candidate! 

It’s just us and we would love the opportunity to be out on the trails together. Recently, we went camping and I thought how awesome it would be if Lily had the opportunity to see the beauty of the camp trails if she only had an easier way to get around. Lily was born with Spina bifida, we can count on both Lily and I hands And toes, for that matter, the amount of surgeries she has had in her 16 years of life. God bless! Thank you for the opportunity and making some lucky kiddos day to see the world!!! Blessings." JoAnn, Lily's Mother 

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