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Meet Jamaine

9 Years Old

"Jamaine is a lively and happy young boy who was born at 23 weeks gestation. His first many years were spent fighting to become medically stable so that he could eventually leave the hospital, learn, and grow.


In his early childhood, he relied on a tracheostomy & ventilator to breathe and a Gtube to feed. Against the odds, Jamaine has grown up to be a curious little boy and has been making fantastic progress in outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help him to communicate, move, learn, play, and perform self-help skills.


He has recently started walking on his own, and although he still breathes through a tracheostomy, he is tolerating covering of the trach and breathing on his own for many hours a day.


Jamaine's sensory system is different than many kids his age, given his complex medical history, and he often requires a lot of supports to maintain a calm, safe body, especially when he gets excited.


One thing that has been working so well to regulate him in speech and occupational therapy over the last year is using an adaptive bike to target his proprioceptive system, provide a consistent pattern and rhythm, and also provide strengthening/exercise for his body in a safe environment. Jamaine is unable to ride a commercial bike at this time due to his challenges with coordination as well as his unpredictable body movements (when experiencing emotions and also due to his seizure disorder), but whenever he is able to use the adaptive bike at therapy, he is able to focus, build strength, and 'get his wiggles out' in a safe a functional way.


He would LOVE to have his very own bike to use at home and in his community."

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